Team: FBC Chipley

Written by: Mike O.

God never ceases to amaze me in all that He does and in the way He chooses to accomplish His magnificent plans. I’ve been overwhelmed at His power and wisdom this week serving in Romania. He assembles the right people with unique gifts which He gave, fills them with His power and completes His work.

We worked in a Gypsy village this week, and Thursday morning we experienced a God moment. Honestly, I’ve wondered at times this week if the children actually grasped anything we said. I know God’s work is often unseen. It’s germinating in the souls of people who’ve been impacted by His word. The gypsy children were a bit rambunctious to say the least and so I’ve contemplated our effectiveness. Today, God reminded me of a lesson He’s emphasized to me many times (I’m hard headed). Brooke C. shared the lesson today and she asked the children questions which actually recapped the lessons of the week and they were able to answer them all. They were getting it! She went on to deliver the gospel through two translators, from English to Romanian and finally to Gypsy. The pastor in the Gypsy village talked to the children. The pastor asked strong questions, specifically asking several children point blank, where they would go if they were to die. These children without hesitation said, “Hell.” He asked them, “What will you do? Will you submit to Christ?” Several of these children left their seats and knelt down in front of the pastor and crowd. The pastor asked me to come pray for them and I did and then these children prayed to the Lord calling on Him to save them. It was one of those moments you observe the God of the universe do His thing. My eyes fill with tears as I write this. Praise Him!

As Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:58 our labor for the Lord is never in vain. It’s been an honor to serve with people from our church family, three great people from other churches, the awesome folks of One More Child- Bryan and Rachel, and amazing brothers and sisters who’ve planted their lives in Romania.

I’ve been so blessed this week. I’m thankful for the honor of serving our great God!

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