Food basket

A mission team member helps a family carry their food basket.

Sponsorship Day in the Dominican Republic is a great example of how teamwork makes the dream work through One More Child to serve children and share the love of Jesus.

We now have more than 700 children around the world in our individual sponsorship program. Sponsorship Day is an exciting and their families.

In the Dominican Republic the impact of the gift of every child sponsor was on display in a special way on the latest Sponsorship Day.

Leading up to Sponsorship Day, Cesarin, our national ministry coordinator, was hard at work updating lists and making sure all of the sponsored families knew which day to arrive to receive their baskets. Of course, there is always a lot of shopping to be done as well!

While the food the families receive on Sponsorship Day is vital to their wellbeing, it is also a day where our staff are able to build relationships with the children and making progress.

One More Child mission team members also play a vital role on Sponsorship Day. They fill baskets with food, help families carry their baskets and take time to pray over them.

Child sponsorship is about so much more than just receiving a food basket. We are so thankful for the spiritual and life-changing Sponsorship Days would not be possible!

We look forward to many more Sponsorship Days to bless many more children and their families around the world as our sponsorship program continues to grow.

Maybe you have the means to help One More Child today by sponsoring another child or you are ready to encourage a friend or your church body to join in this good work! If so, just check out or share this story and eternal difference in the lives of children!


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