Tunamamina zege leo!

(Today we are pouring concrete!)

Today dawned cool, overcast and misty, a perfect day for poring concrete. The Lord has even arranged the weather for us! When we arrived at the site, the last of the rebar columns were being wired in.

And preparations were already underway for the pour. The cement mixer was rolled out and a mixing site prepared between the huge piles of sand and gravel, a water tank filled right next to it, bags of cement brought out from the storeroom and stacked, wheelbarrows and buckets at the ready.

When everything was ready, Bwana Lyimo (the contractor) gave the word, and they cranked up the mixer.

Soon the first wheelbarrow was underway.

And the pouring started at the corner.

Not only did we have wheelbarrows for carrying the concrete, but some of the ladies from the community came to help and carried it in buckets.

Turning the first corner.

One side done!

And then the bottom side.

Last corner!

The perimeter is all done, now to the inside trenches. 

Well, we almost finished! But even the headlights of Juma’s car couldn’t hold off the darkness, and we had to stop.

We will finish tomorrow morning, and turn our attention to the foundation wall. It’s unbelievable how hard this team has worked and how hard it was to get them to stop.

Join us tomorrow and see how it turns out!

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