GlobalInternship UpdateUganda

Uganda, June 7th -July 17th, 2017; Intern Update 2

Written by: Megan C.

We have officially finished our first week at school!  It was so wonderful getting to encounter everyday life with the children that we are getting closer to with each passing day.  We have been able to touch the lives of students in grades 1, 2,3,  4, and 5.  As an education major at the University of Florida, it was definitely a transition time for me.  From classroom management to how the day is set up, there are many new things to learn and get used to.  However, being able to be with the children and their adorable grins all day makes anything we may face worth it.

Loving on some girls at break time. Everyday of the week there is a thirty minute break where the students are given an egg and/or porridge.

P1 class with Teacher Agnes (left), Teacher Valerie (Intern in the middle), and Teacher Luke (right)

We also got to experience a traditional Ugandan wedding this week!  They even gave us one of the best seats in the house (up on the stage behind the bride and groom!).  The actual wedding ceremony lasted much longer than the reception with everything from a full on worship set and an entire sermon.  At the reception, we were able to partake in dancing and some other traditions.  Some interesting sights that we saw were live goats given as wedding presents and the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen all changing for the reception.  A sweet tradition that we got to witness was everyone who contributed a lot of time effort, or resources to the wedding was given a little cake of their own for all of the love and support that they showed the bride and groom.  Our “Mama Katherine” even got one that we got to enjoy!

The four of us with our two other intern friends from Moody Bible Institute (Heather second from the left and Caitie far right) in our African clothes that we had made here at a local craft store.

God’s beauty and love is so evident here.  We feel it in the people and see it in creation.  We were walking home from the wedding as the sun was setting and we were able to just pause in wonder at the blessings God has given us through this time in Uganda.  I am so thankful for a few more weeks in this beautiful place to share God’s light with the village of Kamonkoli.

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