Dear friends, each day is a marvelous gift; a gift full of beautiful, messy, wonderful, and challenging situations.


Friends, let me tell you, we sure do serve a God of love.

This week our team has been serving together with Hines Ugandan Ministry located in Kamonkoli, Uganda. Our mission and goal this week is to serve the people of Uganda, love them well, and share with them the hope that we found in our everlasting Father. Together, we have taken up the opportunity to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). What has united our team the most in this mission is that we all see these people of Uganda as people that Jesus died for, and we are ultimately humbled by the loving grace of our Father.

Today, we had the opportunity of serving the students and facility of Genesis Primary School. We stepped into the daily lives of these people and were able to spend time getting to love on them, learn with them, and grow with them. We started by teaching the children the fruits of the spirit with seven fun activities for them to engage in, including dancing to fun songs, bingo, charades, coloring activities, and verse memorization. When our team reached out in hopes of touching the lives of many Ugandans, we were shocked to see how much they had really impacted us.

These children, living in some of the poorest conditions one could imagine, had the greatest joy you could imagine. This impacted us tremendously.


This day was filled with laughter, constant smiles, hugs, tears, and heartache. These emotions we have all encountered on this trip have been faithful to point us back to our Lord, and the grace He so abundantly offers. Today team members on this trip, myself included, were challenged beyond comprehension. The devastating conditions of the people living here, along with the heart and passion we had of making a difference in lives of others drew us deeper into the love of Christ. When we realized can’t make anyone’s life completely perfect, the opportunity to trust our Jesus and let His will be done was greatly abundant.

So today, lives were impacted, hearts were filled, relationships grew, but above all Christ’s glory was shown to everyone.

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