Team: Joy Church (Matthews, NC)

Written by: Beth Q.

Our Joy Church Team is on our last day ministering to and getting very blessed by the amazing children here at One More Child, Guatemala.  Before we came I wondered what I would learn from the experience and what God might speak to my heart. We all knew that One More Child rescued children who suffered from malnutrition, but we found that there was a lot more. Most all of the children are very small and weak as a result of a lack of good food and nutrients. Various physical illnesses (some very serious), neglect and emotional trauma are big factors as dedicated staff and missionaries seek to heal their bodies and spirit. The most amazing thing, to me, is that many of the children are so eager to be hugged and loved by complete strangers like us. If you ever want your heart to melt and be changed forever, just make the trip.

Through this short-term ministry opportunity and through reading the scriptures, God wanted me to know how He feels about children.  When People brought their children to Jesus, His disciples thought the children were a nuisance and tried to keep them away.  Jesus confronted them saying “Let the children come to me, don’t stop them, because they are of the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:13-14).  Other scriptures, such as Matthew 18:2 and Matthew 10:42, made it clear to me as to how much Jesus valued children and the benefits to those who also value, protect and love them. However Jesus also let us know that those who harm children are subject to terribly severe consequences (Luke 17: 1-3).  There have been many benefits from coming to One More Child, but the greatest is the love that I have for the children, my team family, the staff, my own children and most of all my Father God who loves me eternally.

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