Team: Baylor University Line Camp

Written by: Bethany D.

We have only been here at the Malnutrition Center for a few hours, but our team has already been exposed to and love, every child is treated as though they are absolutely precious, as they are to their creator.

The nannies work tirelessly to provide for the children, caring for these kids who far outnumber them. While our team is here, adding circa twenty-five additional sets of hand do the amazing work that they do.

It is also clearly an amazing blessing to the community the way that God has provided the center with what it needs. Just the week before we arrived, another group of individuals had donated industrial washers and love.

You can without a doubt see the life change that is taking place here, even within the first few hours we have been here. For the children, with every nutrient enriched meal, with every minute of rest they gather strength, they are getting closer to being able to return to their families. We can see the evidence in those moments where a child makes improvements in motor skills, or learns and love.

Yet the life change is not only in the children here. I can see it in the faces of my teammates, brought to tears by the children’s faces, overwhelmed with love. Young and the chance to be here has opened our eyes to a whole new picture of life.

It is incredible to get to be a part of His story, here for only a flash in the great expanse of time, yet still able to make an impact. God is incredibly detailed in His storytelling, mapping history out so that our lifelines intersect in absolutely beautiful moments. Looked at from far away, each is like a single stitch in lacework, coinciding and that it may change the course of our stories forever. There’s no telling what God will do, but I can’t wait to see the finished piece.


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