A Baylor University Line Camp Experience (freshmen orientation + One More Child missions)

Meribeth’s Story

Today we went an hour out of Antigua to serve at the One More Child sponsored malnutrition center. We have been looking forward to meeting these kids and loving on them since the beginning of our trip, so we went into today with high expectations for what we would experience.

One of our students, Meribeth, was a little more anxious about serving with kids. Maribeth explained to us that she would typically prefer to be doing tasks and accomplishing chores like cleaning or cooking, which made her uneasy about trying to interact with young children (not to mention the language barrier).

Here’s a little of Meribeth’s reflection from her experience at the malnutrition center today.

“Most people who know me would never expect I would be anxious about working with kids since I do it so much at home. One reason I think I was feeling anxious about it was because I do it so often that I wanted a break. I also struggle with feeling that playing with kids is not the best use of my services on a mission trip, which is mainly pride talking and a total lie. Today I knew I just needed to jump in full force, so as soon as we got there I was given the job of putting socks on the squirrels, who are the 3-8 year old girls, and doing their hair–which is funny because I had no clue how to so we got really creative with side pony tails. Half way through the day I started feeling distanced from the kids and had the realization that these kids are the future of Guatemala. They will be the leaders in their communities because of the resources and treatment they are currently being given at the center. They will be the children who will work towards lowering Guatemala’s 50% plus malnutrition rate for children under 5 years old. I have been reading 1 Timothy and a big thing that the passage has been teaching me is prayer and how I need to constantly be praying for these kids as we are playing.

On a lighter note the team has found out that I am mom. Apparently I’m the perfect mix of strictness and fun which is sometimes to my advantage and also to my downfall. Today as we were getting the kids ready for dinner a little boy had a hat that belonged to another boy, and he didn’t need to have the other child’s hat while eating. Needless to say he did not like me taking it away and as I was walking away he twisted around my legs and bit my leg. Of course I immediately turned around and told him no which everyone thought was hilarious. I have a feeling though that me and that kid are going to be besties by the week’s end.

This week has been so amazing already and I can’t wait to continue serving these kids and their nannies with my amazing team!!”


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