A team of 28 landed in Guatemala City from all parts of Florida on Saturday, December 26.

Antigua is still decorated for Christmas, and back to the truck.

Ryan was particularly impressed with how fast his dad went on the zip line while his mom got “stuck” and had to be rescued.   Robbie liked seeing the peacocks kept up at the zip line starting point.

The coffee plantation tour participants, Julie, Mary Lou and Chong learned a lot about how that product is grown including the parts of the bean.  Everyone was impressed with their knowledge!

Horseback riders, Corrie, Allie, Glen, Cathy and the mountains.  Allie’s guide gave her a sprig of coffee beans which are a beautiful red color.

After lunch at McDonald’s, a walk around Antigua and see the children.

On Monday, after a tour of the Center, everyone got right to work.  The Ducks and some singing.  Then, it was time for free play on the playground as the weather is beautiful.

The Ducks are in love with all the big boys here to play with them this week, particularly, Jack, Ryan and Karli.

In the Chicks and happy.

Everyone is charmed by the tiny twin girls in the Dolphins and Bert started painting the new Dental Clinic room.  It has been a great day at the Malnutrition Center!

How about checking your calendar and making sure that you get a similar experience in 2016?



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