GlobalGuatemalaMission Trip Update

Guatemala, December 26th, 2015- January 1st, 2016; Trip Update 3

Wednesday was an exciting day at the Malnutrition Center as the workers celebrated Christmas with a party and dinner in the pavilion.  The music was festive and family members were invited to come so the tables were full.  Every worker got a gift basket of food.  Because the workers were all at the party, that left our team in charge of the children.

We let the Ducks and the Squirrels skip their nap and have a full afternoon of outdoor play.  Because the children did not get a nap, many fell asleep waiting for their snack!  Some of the workers’ children joined us so a game of baseball/soccer went on while bikes swirled around the pavement.  When we got ready to leave, there was a soccer ball on top of the bus that we didn’t see until halfway down the hill so at the gate, John reached up to retrieve it.

After a quick trip to the market, we also celebrated with a traditional Guatemalan meal complete with BBQ chicken, grilled steak and tortillas.  A Marimba band played music to accompany our dinner.  Afterwards, we held a fashion show of the clothing that team members purchased in the market.  Winners of the best dressed costume contest were the Bodiford family.  If you are considering returning to Guatemala, keep in mind that you might get to be in a fashion show and bring your Guatemalan attire if you have already bought some!

Thursday, the team was solemn, contemplating saying good bye to all our new friends.  At devotion, Sherry reminded us that the workers and children will catch our moods and that a smile has great value so we all tried to put on our best face and relish the last few hours with the children and nannies.

Bert and Glen rushed to put a final coat of paint on the dental clinic and check on other maintenance projects for future teams.  Glen taught Samuel how to change the element on the dryer.

The Bunnies and Chicks enjoyed listening to the Bible Story with the Ducks and Squirrels.  They watched the story of Jesus as a child in the temple.  In the Dolphins, Emerson has found a toy that he likes to shake and ring the bell.  Veronica got her hair trimmed, and the newest child, Isabel, is walking a little bit with a push toy.  She is also smiling which is something team members prayed for at the beginning of the week.

Team members in the Canaries have been praying for Dulce who has been sick and are pleased that she seems to be doing better.  All and all, it has been a great week in Guatemala and we encourage all of you to come.  For the men reading this, you are especially needed to be role models for the boys and to provide specialty skills such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical repair and wiring.

There are no teams scheduled to come back to the Center until March— so check your calendar and help to fill in the gaps for the rest of the year! You will be glad that you did!

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