Guatemala, July 2nd – July 8th, 2016; Trip Update 1


This week the One More Child team, compelled by the love of Christ, has come together to serve at the Malnutrition Center in Guatemala.  It is our desire to minister as the hands and feet of Jesus to the children, the staff and families touched by the Center.

We came to share H.O.P.E.


By providing physical and occupational therapy, life-sustaining food and supplements, and loving touches and hugs.

Three new children were admitted today in need of hope and healing.


OOne-on-one time

By working with the children on fine motor skills, painting, working puzzles, pushing them in the swing, teaching them to walk and feed themselves, and sharing giggles and tickles.



P…Praise and Promotion

By playing music with our new xylophones in the Ducks and Squirrels!  

Five Canaries were well enough to be promoted up to the Bunnies, and two Dolphins moved up to Canaries…Now that’s a reason to give PRAISE!



We had SO much fun outside going down the slide, blowing bubbles, swinging, playing with balls and frisbees, and the children even got to ride horses!  

We also enjoyed by celebrating our freedom!


Our song for the week:

“If you can use anything, Lord, you can use me.

If you can use anything, Lord, you can use me.

Take my hands, Lord, and my feet.

Touch my heart, Lord, and speak through me.

If you can use anything, Lord, you can use me.”

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