GlobalGuatemalaMission Trip Update

Guatemala, June 10th- June 16th, 2017; Trip Update 3

Team: Monument Point Fellowship

Written by: Nicole M.

Today at the Center was the day all of the sponsored children came with their parents to pick up the monthly baskets. This was my second time participating in this event. Being able to take part in distributing the baskets to the families once again, was just an incredible experience. Seeing some of the children I had met on my prior trip a year ago coming back today, looking very healthy, well nourished, and reaching their age-related milestones is not only amazing, but is reinforcement to me that our Lord has a plan for everyone. He does not reject those who live in poverty. Our Lord loves us all, and as long as we continue to praise Him, follow Him, and lift Him up, He will be with us always.

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