Team: Middle School Students from Christ Journey Church in Coral Gables, Florida

Written by: Pastor Andrew







Hey y’all! Pastor Andrew here! I’ve been at the Malnutrition Center, Colonia Infantil, for most of the week. I’ve had the opportunity to bounce around in the 2-6 year old classes. I’ve been so happy with the hearts of our students and adults! They both have displayed such servant hearts on this trip. One of the greatest things I’ve seen from our team has been their willingness to step out of their comfort zone. People who wouldn’t normally be comfortable with public speaking are teaching Bible stories to kids. Those you wouldn’t think of as the manual labor kind are building latrines, kitchens, and showers for those in need. Through the willingness and flexibility of our team members, I believe God is constantly opening their eyes to the wonder of how He can work







This blog was re-shared with permission from Christ Journey Church, Coral Gables, 2019. If you would like to read more stories from this trip, you can go to

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