Team: Monument Point Fellowship Church

Written By: Marisa B.

This trip was my first time visiting Guatemala; it was an incredible week full of new opportunities, beautiful people, and through us while on this journey.

As we arrived in the country that Saturday, we first went through the capital, Guatemala City. It was an amazing place that I can only describe as “something you would see in the movies.” Cars, motorcycles, colorful city buses – loaded with people, and our driver, Samuel. I loved to see the excitement coming from their faces, just seeing old friends they hadn’t communicated with in a while.

We drove up and then jumped into the challenging work planned for Monday through Thursday! Our team was so eager to get to meet the children we would be serving!

Waking up that first work day, I had no idea what to expect. We walked down the stairs to the main building and provided for their families.

Our remaining team members are assigned to a group called the “Dolphins.” This team consists of children who are institutionalized for a brief period of time in order to receive care for undernourishment. The goal is to nurse these special little ones back to health so that they can return home to their families as swift as possible.

Our daily work involved helping the children with breakfast, brushing their teeth and getting to know our new little friends!

It is so neat to witness the amazing, hearty, healthy, hot food that these children get while at the center. For breakfast, they have eggs and put them on the cart where they belong. EVEN THE 2 YEAR OLDS!!

Wednesday, we were able to experience watching numerous sponsored children, and later, we distributed the supplementary food baskets. Every single one of the families I met looked at me with a thankfulness in their souls. I have never been around so many people who had such a happy demeanor about them despite their challenging home situations.

As I write this, I haven’t yet completed this journey. Our team has one more day with the children we have grown so much to love. I’m not sure how hard it will be to say goodbye, but I know we will have left them with the love of Christ in their hearts.


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