Team: St. Michael’s Lutheran School
Written by: Christine K.


The mission team from St. Michael’s Lutheran Church and School arrived today with open hearts and warm hugs. Our children are excited to be here and open their hearts to the children at the Center. The 3 boys from St. Michael’s jumped in and helped diaper, dress and feed the bunnies. Everyone (children and team members) seemed to enjoy their morning playtime. Our hearts will be forever changed by their sweet smiles and warm embraces.

God is truly in their souls.  I thank God for this opportunity to serve and spread his love. It is truly a blessing to see all God’s children help each other.  I wonder if these children in the Center will ever realize what they have done for our children, and whether our children will ever realize what they have done for these Guatemalan children.  We came expecting to bless them, but we have already received the greater blessing!

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