Guatemala; October 7-12th; Trip Update 3

Today was another eventful day at the center. Katie and I have been working with the older daycare group. This is the same group we got to work with last year. We have had an amazing time meeting and forming a bond with all the children that we didn’t already know from last year.

Brittany is one child who has really had an impact on us both. At first she was very shy and stayed in the corner alone most of the time. She has slowly started to open up to us. This meant a lot to us. It has shown us that sometimes the quiet ones need love the most. Often people go for the loud and outgoing children. However, children like Brittany need just as much attention and love.

This reminded both of us of how God loves everyone. No matter how shy or how outgoing we are, he still loves us equally. Often we might think that God has a deeper love for those who are very vocally faithful. However, this isn’t true. It is important to remember although some of us might still be unsure or not as vocal about our faith, God loves us just as much.

Another thing that really stuck out to us is how accepting the children and the nannies are. Our Spanish isn’t the best, but that didn’t get in the way of us growing relationships with the children. This shows that with God’s love we can overcome barriers such as speaking different languages. It was also a humbling experience seeing how much they all trust us even though they just met us.

This has been another great trip and we look forward to coming back. These kids have taught us so much. It has been an amazing time deepening relationships with them and with God. “We love because he first loved us.” John 4:19.

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