GlobalGuatemalaInternship Update

Guatemala, Summer 2016; Intern Update 4 (Session 1)

The last four weeks have been so wonderful and such a blessing. I (Karli) am so glad I had the opportunity to do the internship program, and I know Daniela and Amber feel the same way. I don’t want to go home! I have been helping in the Ducks and Squirrels’ groups and have gotten so attached to the children. The three of us often talk about our “non favorite” children, but for me that’s all of them! I love seeing and experiencing the personalities of each boy and girl. This week I got to experience what it was like for a parent to bring her child to the center; tears where shed by both the mother and daughter. Though as the week went on, the young girl slowly started warming up to me.

My favorite part of the day is helping the Squirrels get dressed and do their hair in the morning. It’s so funny to watch them put baby lotion on! They rub it all over their faces but never rub it in fully. There’s always a couple pink faces walking around. The girls absolutely love wearing hair clips, bows, and hair ties in their hair. Everyday, each girl tells me what they would like in their hair. Usually, that is about ten hair clips, two bows, a head band, and whatever else they can find. I have also loved meeting the new teams that come in. It’s such a relief when they arrive every morning. Tonight we are headed to Antigua for the weekend and got to sit in on the team’s Wow Time. It is such a blessing to hear that everyone enjoys and loves the children as much as I do. Additionally I enjoyed hearing all of the funny moments from throughtout the day.

One of the things the Lord has showed me this week is Psalm 119:71-80 where in verse 75  it says, “I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right, and that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.” Everything that the children experience, God has allowed; He is faithful. He is moving in ways we can’t even comprehend. He knows their suffering, their future, and He knows them all by name. Our hearts have been moved by these children, and even though we may not understand why these sweet and loving children are in the situations that they are, we pray knowing that God has a plan beyond our comprehension.

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