This post was written by Kaysey Gilbreath, One More Child Child Sponsorship Coordinator

It was a very merry Christmas for the children and families in the sponsorship program in Guatemala! The Malnutrition Center hosted the annual sponsored children Christmas parties, complete with traditional food, fun games, raffle prizes, and lots of dancing! This year the daycare children and their families got to join in on the fun as well. Most importantly, the parties were focused on the reason we celebrate Christmas: Jesus’ birth! A local group was invited to act out the story of Jesus’ birth and parents and children completed a manger scene craft to take home with them as a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas: not for the gifts or for Santa, but because God made Himself man and came to Earth as our Savior! What an amazing thing to celebrate!

Thanks to our sponsors generosity in giving, the children and their parent were able to enjoy a traditional Guatemalan Christmas meal of tamales and ponche (a fruit drink) and each child received a gift from Santa! It was a privilege to be able to participate in these parties and wish all of the families a Merry Christmas on behalf of their sponsors. The best part was seeing these children, many of whom I have known for several years since they were at the Malnutrition Center. Those tiny babies who were once so malnourished are now strong, happy children who ran and played and laughed. Seeing each child and their parent be able to sit back, relax and forget about their daily struggles for a day while they celebrated the birth of our Savior was a true blessing that reflects the ultimate purpose of the sponsorship program!

Thank you to each and every one of our sponsors who made these parties possible, and for

your year-round support of these incredible children!


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