For 11-year-old Lilly, the idea that her mom would be purchasing a home where they could put down roots together was a far-off pipedream. She would have been thrilled to just have some normalcy and stability in her life. Her mom, Joandy, is a wonderful, loving mother who grew up with a mom who could be happy one moment and abusive the next. Joandy experienced a number of toxic relationships that led her down a path where she and Lilly were in and out of friends’ homes as she tried to scrape together enough money to put food on the table every day.

Then one night, as Lilly rested her head on her pillow in a place her mom was renting, she was jolted awake by loud bangs and flashes of light. The complex was raided by police on suspicion of drug activity, which Joandy knew nothing about. As Joandy and Lilly tried to overcome being suddenly homeless again, Lilly struggled in school and exhibited some erratic behaviors.

Then, Joandy became a resident in our Single Moms program, and finally, she and Lilly began to be able to hope again. Joandy learned about managing finances and advancing her career through life skills classes. A mentor walked alongside her prayed with her and encouraged her to read her Bible.

Lilly could focus on being a kid who didn’t have to worry about her safety and what tomorrow could bring. Lilly’s grades and behavior both improved immensely, and having the freedom to go outside and play and be around more children her age provided enormous social growth. Joandy received a promotion at work, and was able to look herself in the mirror knowing she was no longer bound by her past.

Then, after nearly a year in the Single Moms program, Joandy and Lilly were able to celebrate by purchasing a home with the money Joandy had saved, a place where Joandy could be the mom she had learned she could be and Lilly could continue to grow into the young lady God created her to be.

In our Single Moms program, it’s about providing self-sufficiency and being the “family” brave single mothers so often lack, and as always, it’s about having a significant and eternal impact on one more child.

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