Team: West Florida Baptist Association

Written by: Deborah B., Intern

This past week was so amazing as God moved mountains! Many blessings were experienced throughout the week as the West Florida Baptist Association built one of the houses and did the children’s ministry based on the book of Numbers, chapters 7,8, and 9.

Both Americans and Dominicans became a united family working side by side sharing the love of God over laughs and smiles.   Working with concrete was hard and still everyone smiled and gave each other concrete “hand” hugs to show we worked hard! With each bucket poured into the walls of the home, love also flowed through.  One of the sections of the bathroom broke causing concrete to pour out.  It never had never happened before and we simply scooped up the spoiled concrete and patched the wall.  No one gave up,  not even when the mixer broke. Faith shined through and Satan lost the battle.

During the team’s time at the ministry site, one of the team members had the incredible opportunity to bring a teenager to Christ! This young woman will be baptized with her Mother who also accepted Christ earlier this year.  God is moving through the village with His mighty power.

Food baskets were passed out this week giving us the opportunity to see the gratitude by the families with sponsored children.  I was able to witness one of the team members meet the Mom of the boy he chose to sponsor this week! To see tears of joy and gratitude is a powerful gift.

The Deaf ministry has grown only by the grace of God and now includes 8 hearing students who learn side-by-side with 3 deaf folks from  the village.  I am amazed by how much they want to communicate. God’s light is shining and I have seen the biggest smiles while teaching. I’m humbled by this experience and honored to witness the Lord’s mercy by obedience.

One of our other interns, Tory, has been working with the NICU nurses at the hospital and it has been a challenge.  One of the babies unfortunately passed this week due to a lack of proper resources. It was heartbreaking.  We took time in between teams to pick up supplies and fabric for baby blankets, to help better equip the facilities. God is using Tory to teach the nurses new techniques in order to better care for each baby’s health.

Everyone is in good spirits and we enjoyed a French toast competition while we wait for week 4. We are ready to see what else God will surprise us with as we continue in service!


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