IT & Business Systems Support Specialist

Lakeland, FL

One More Child is seeking to employ a full-time IT & Business Systems Support Specialist to aid its mission of impacting vulnerable children and struggling families through providing knowledge-based support of its computer and business equipment resources and by interacting with associated service providers to resolve issues. Qualities sought include strong analytical, diagnostic and problem-solving skills, the ability to skillfully communicate and interact with staff members being assisted, and a commitment to meeting needs in a timely manner.

Some Essential Duties and Functions are:

  • Assess IT hardware and network related issues reported by staff and address, if able, or assist in reporting to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) to address. Potential service needs will include:
    •  Monitor and printer issues
    • Mapping network drives
    • Coordinating with MSP to join purchased computers to the network domain
    • WIFI issues
    • Troubleshooting settings related computer issues (display, audio, etc.)
    • Coordinating restoration of network related services due to internet service going down or other applicable issues
  • Determine requirements for IT, phone and other related needs when new ministry buildings are constructed and coordinate the installation process.
  • Assess IT software and web-based applications related issues reported by staff and address, if able, or assist in determining the best internal or external resource to address. Potential service needs will include:
    • Relias training platform technical support (content access, viewing issues due to browser settings, etc.)
    • Issues with PDF documents (opening, editing, etc.)
    • Citrix Receiver technical support (for Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge web application)
    • Support assistance for reported ADP web and mobile application issues
    • Support assistance for Microsoft Outlook related issues (address book, calendars, sending/receiving issues, “how to” questions, etc.)
    • Support assistance for other Office 365 programs related issues (Excel, Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.)
    • Administration, scheduling and support assistance for Zoom (video conferencing platform)
    • Working with software customer support teams for listed programs and others not listed
  • Administration of IT data security related programs and investigating data security concerns. Areas of coverage include:
    • Review of suspected Phishing emails
    • Email encryption subscription (Zix)
    • Periodic review of employee network permissions
    • Auditing staff compliance with IT policies and procedures
  • Administration of training platform (Relias). Functions include:
    • Assigning trainings
    • Identifying and uploading new training content
    • User profile administration (resetting passwords, deactivating terminated employees, etc.)
    • User technical support (content access, viewing issues due to browser settings, etc.)
    • Learner status tracking and reporting
  • Develop and deliver training presentations for the Digium Phone System, Outlook, Teams, Zoom, and other frequently used programs and web applications
  • Audio/Visual resources support (outfitting conference rooms, providing operational training and support)
  • Administration and support service for phone system related issues. Areas of coverage include:
    • Coordinating restoration of service with MSP following service outage
    • Troubleshooting desk phone issues
    • Updating phone firmware, as needed
    • Assigning extensions and resetting PINs
    • Monitoring subscription status
    • Learning the Digium Admin portal and available functionality to enhance utilization of provided features
  • Evaluate various existing phone system platforms, providers and technology types (PRI, SIP) to determine if transition to a uniform solution is needed.
  • Participate in evaluating, selecting and implementing building security system solution.
  • Assess and make recommendations on changes needed to improve existing infrastructure.
  • Assess value and performance level of existing providers and recommend changes where needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or one or more years of related experience and/or training (or equivalent combination).
  • Strong analytical, diagnostic, problem-solving and support service skills
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills and knowledge for computer hardware, computer software, phones, copiers and other business equipment
  • Job Description
  • Affidavit of Good Moral Character
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