There are children and teens in your community who go home on the weekend without knowing for sure how often or how much they will eat. Their grumbling tummies affect their health, their ability to learn and their attitude. Partnering with our backpack program is a simple, cost-effective way to tackle child hunger right where you are.


Backpack Meals are a simple, cost-effective way to provide life-changing food for children who otherwise may go hungry on the weekend.

Working with church and business partners we collaborate with school boards and school administrators to provide food every Friday throughout the school year. We deliver bags of food for children and their families to the schools and the children pack their backpack with an assurance they won’t go hungry on the weekend.


You know that feeling where you are hungry enough that you can’t focus on anything else and you can almost taste the food you are yearning for? For far too many children in our communities that feeling a regular occurrence.

1 in 7 children in the United States worry about where their next meal will come from, and globally there are an estimated 200 million children stunted due to malnutrition. (“State of the World’s Children 2019,” UNICEF, 2019.)

Child hunger is a challenge that together we can tackle and providing food is also a way to build life-changing relationships where we can share the love of Christ.

Ready to Make Hungry Children in Your Community Your Mission?

We are looking for church, community and business partners who are ready to “adopt a school” and make it possible for hungry children to have access to food on the weekends.

  1. Fill out the Sign Up form
  2. Select a Volunteer Backpack Meals team leader, drivers and meal packers
  3. Receive training and launch your Backpack Meals