A box of diapers is always important because it helps provide a healthy, happy life for a child. But sometimes a box of diapers means even more.

At a Bible study one evening, one of our staff members heard about a single lady, Lexi*, who was expecting a child and who was walking a lonely road apart from God.

We shared with Lexi’s sister information about our Single Moms program, resources we had for children and families, etc.

Six weeks after Lexi gave birth to her beautiful child, our staff member received a text message: Lexi and clothing.

One More Child quickly met those tangible needs, including several boxes of diapers, and inviting Lexi and the baby to a Bible study.

It was God’s providence that the topic of that evening’s study was motherhood. Our staff member spoke about the qualities of a Godly mother and her child.

Lexi, with tears in her eyes, shared she knew she wanted a closer relationship with God and this was the perfect catalyst.

Lexi decided to join the Bible study and she began going through the New Start curriculum with other mothers at our Jacksonville campus.

By meeting her child’s need for diapers, it also opened the door to meet Lexi’s spiritual needs that can bring about lifelong and eternal redemption.

* Name changed for privacy purposes


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