“Bonjou” (Hello) from Haiti!

This Caribbean nation is prone to natural disasters, causing the destruction of buildings and crops.

Approximately 30 percent of the overall population is considered food insecure. Furthermore, about two-thirds of Haitians do not have formal jobs, resulting in unsteady incomes. This is in large part because only about 50 percent of children attend school.

To combat this, we have partnered with a diverse ministry that operates as a school, residence, clinic and feeding center. Children obtain a strong education, receive regular nutritious meals, and for some, it is a safe place to call home. This ministry provides food and medicine to children in the community who are not old enough yet to attend school.

Country Facts


of the population lives on less than $2 per day

The richest 1% of Haitians own the same wealth as 45 percent of the poorest population. There is a new baseline of poverty in Haiti, based on consumption: The national poverty rate is 58.6 percent, the extreme poverty rate: 24.7 percent.

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