Welcome to South Asia!

South Asia is a region of extreme diversity geographically, religiously and socioeconomically. Poverty in this region affects children, families and individuals through high infant mortality, malnutrition, child labor, lack of education, child marriage and HIV/AIDS, along with other significant health issues. Listed as an area within the 10/40 window where there are high concentrations of unreached people groups, the need for Christ-centered services is more important than ever!

This is why One More Child has partnered with an amazing local ministry who provides Christian education, homes for orphans and care for those suffering from the physical and social effects of leprosy. Sponsoring a child from this area provides them with the means to break the cycle of poverty and have hope for a brighter future. Lives are being changed in South Asia because of people like you!

  • Social work: Work alongside social workers in unreached villages to visit the homes of sponsored children and families living in extreme poverty.
  • Community outreach: Participate in feeding programs for those who are at high risk for human trafficking, as well as those who live in a Leper colony.
  • Biblical teaching: Lead Bible stories, crafts and lessons for youth.
  • Skilled teaching: Demonstrate your God-given abilities, education and skills for young moms and their children as they learn necessary life skills.
  • Ministry partner engagement: Be an encouragement to our national ministry partner’s staff in their daily work.
  • Cultural exposure: Experience the culture and a visit to an ancient world wonder!

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