It is the end of the world for a baby to have no diapers for a day…that is a significant issue.

Kurt Macholeth, U.S. Navy Veteran / Husband / Dad

When Kurt and his wife Ashley had their first daughter six years ago, they had no idea the challenges they were going to face.

Kurt, a U.S. Navy Veteran, welcomed his daughter, Lyra, into the world on a Sunday morning. The next day he began the first of 10 rounds of chemotherapy to treat his stage 4 throat cancer. On Thursday of the same week, Ashley was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome from labor.

After a week of joy coupled with pain and bills to pay, where would they find money for essentials like diapers?

Thankfully, Kurt connected with One More Child and we were able to provide diapers for his precious baby.

“You guys that were kind enough to give us diapers allowed me to care for my daughter in a way a child should be taken care of,” said Kurt.

Opportunities to share Christ’s love like this one depends on generous donations to help children like Lyra. When the need for diapers was alleviated, Kurt was able to spend his money on other necessities that diapers once took priority over, like clothing and food.

“You can go hungry for a day, it’s not the end of the world,” Kurt said. “It is the end of the world for a baby to have no diapers for a day…that is a significant issue.”

To provide diapers for children like Lyra, order a pack of diapers today, sign up to host a diaper drive or make a financial gift to buy diapers, to help us reach our goal of 800,000 diapers collected.


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