By the time she was 13, Kim* had endured years of trauma from sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted family member. In efforts to camouflage the pain, Kim abused drugs, which led to an arrest and multiple charges. By the time she became a mom, Kim had been a drug addict, an inmate in jail and lost her love for life and God.

Eighteen months after her first child was born, Kim found herself pregnant with twins. Wanting desperately to create a family, Kim tried to make things work with her “on again/off again” drug addicted boyfriend. He would get out of jail and stay sober for a while, only to relapse and be back in the penal system.

“I was an emotional mess and think I didn’t deserve better,” she said.

One of the times her boyfriend was off on a binge, Kim packed her belongings and left for good. Kim spent years in a cycle she refers to as a “rollercoaster.” She worked several jobs at a time, but never made any real headway in life. With each disappointment, Kim became more disillusioned and fell further away from God.

Kim was working with a local auctioneer company last year, when COVID-19 hit. Within a matter of weeks, she was jobless, homeless and without a car.

“I felt like I hit rock bottom when I had to move in a motel and my 16-year-old daughter was working and paying the bills.”

Kim and her twins eventually received help from the Salvation Army. While she was there, someone offered to pray with her, and a week later, Kim earned a job at a local retail store. The following week she was accepted into our Single Moms program.

“I believe God brought me to One More Child. Words can’t express how grateful I am for this program.”

Since joining our program, Kim has worked consistently and has seen significant improvements in her relationship with her children. She has learned how to budget and set meaningful goals. Kim regularly attends Bible studies, and God is in the process of mending her heart as she works on restoring a relationship with Him.


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