Instability, isolation and insecurity – these are all words that describe the life *Elizabeth lived before coming into care at One More Child.

Growing up in a family that struggled with homelessness meant Elizabeth often spent time in the care of a relative while her mother worked. Sadly, that same relative began sexually exploiting her and trafficking her to others, a heinous act that would persist through most of Elizabeth’s youth and adolescence anytime she was left in the family member’s care.

To cope with her abuse, Elizabeth began harming herself, until one day, depressed and overwhelmed by her tragic circumstances, she attempted to take her own life.

Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital, where thankfully, doctors were able to revive her, and it was in that “rock bottom” moment in which God sent Elizabeth the help she desperately needed in the form of the One More Child Anti-Trafficking mobile team.

Implementing a coordinated plan of collaborative care, support and therapy, the team worked immediately to provide Elizabeth with the stability, security and safety she needed to recover. Her One More Child regional advocate got her placed into a housing program for young victims of trauma, and her skilled clinician began the challenging work of helping her cope with the trauma of her exploitation.

Provided for the first time with compassionate, Christ-focused and trauma-informed care, Elizabeth began to blossom, unlocking a passion for the arts and a talent she never knew existed for writing and singing.

Due to her family’s unstable housing situation, she had never attended school, but now, thanks to guidance and support from the One More Child team, Elizabeth is studying to obtain her GED and discovering a love for learning.

More importantly, she is understanding that she is loved by a God who is mighty to save and able to deliver, and whose plans are to prosper and not harm her, to give her a hope and a future.

*Actual name is changed for confidentiality purposes

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