The work at The Porch Light Safe Home is complex, it is long-suffering and it requires great patience and persistence. But it is completely worth it. Check out this recent note from one of our coaches:

I am not exactly sure what God is doing, but I am sure that something is stirring inside one of the girls in our care. I am not even sure what to write…. I will do my best to put it into words.

This girl has shown a great deal of emotion, regret and vulnerability. She has been open to gentle squeezes on the shoulder, a stroke of her hair or a cool hand on her cheek while crying. She has been open to staff telling her we love her and we are here FOR HER.

We all know that these things are normally foreign and unacceptable to this young lady. Something is going on here. It is a stirring, a gentle nudge from the Lord himself to let us know that she is His child and we are His hands.

She needs us!

This girl is on the cusp of something. It is both exciting for us yet scary and new for her! Let’s keep showing her God’s love and grace!

HE is doing a work in her!

We deal with a lot of darkness in this job, but little flickers of light like this give us hope and remind us that the fight is worth it!

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