When Ashley*, one of the girls living in The Porch Light safe home, was picked up from school by a coach one day, she had a look of deep concern on her face.

She began to share how her best friend at school was being bullied and that sometimes she felt like everything would be better if she “wasn’t even here.”

As she told the coach the story, Ashley locked eyes with her and you have a purpose. I am praying for you.’”

The sincerity of Ashley’s words were so powerful because she came to The Porch Light safe home a victim of being lied to about her self worth and coerced into unimaginable situations.

Ashley shared that she believes her purpose for being at the safe home is to help her friend navigate her struggles and be her friend through it all.

This was an amazing moment for the coach to witness, bringing tears to her eyes as she saw how Ashley was letting God’s light shine through her despite all she had been through herself. Ashley is active at church and it is truly amazing to see how God is using her to speak into a friend’s life.

At The Porch Light we encourage and support girls with traumatic pasts, knowing that one day, with the help of God, they will be encouraging their peers.

*Name changed to protect the identity and privacy of the individual


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