Thank you to Entrusted, an amazing company, for dedicating a day to helping One More Child serve vulnerable children.

On May 24, a total of 48 volunteers worked 160 hours to pack 2,135 crafts for Maker’s Box. Each volunteer’s selfless investment will go a long way in providing hope to 1,595 children living in difficult circumstances.

Entrusted also funded the printing of Maker’s Box curriculum in Spanish, greatly enhancing our impact with global partners. They named this event “Heart of a Servant Day” as part of their efforts to foster a culture of giving within the company.

Volunteers wore bright yellow t-shirts in memory of Stephanie Thomasson, the 19-year-old daughter of the former CFO and niece of the owner, who passed away three years ago from a brain aneurysm. Stephanie was a joyful young woman who loved life and giving to others. “This day would have made her smile,” said Jill Toth, One More Child’s director of curriculum. Toth went on to say, “Her legacy continues to impact children around the globe.”

About One More Child’s Maker’s Box

Since 1904, One More Child has been supporting vulnerable children and families in crisis. What started as a small orphanage in Arcadia, Florida, has grown into a global ministry that serves foster children, hungry children, trafficked children, single moms, and struggling families with a Christ-centered approach.

Maker’s Box is a comprehensive children’s discipleship series tailored to help children, especially those facing challenges, build a connection with God as their Maker. With each box in the series unveiling a new attribute of God, young makers can easily and joyfully deepen their understanding of Him – one characteristic at a time.

Embedded within each box is the Gospel, guiding children to recognize their Maker while also empowering them to express their creativity through crafts and enjoyable activities.

Why Choose Maker’s Box

Each box includes four lessons, crafts, and visuals for three children to learn and play together. The curriculum makes the truth of the Bible simple to understand. Additionally, the packages include personal prayers from our staff or volunteers.

Click here to learn more about One More Child’s Maker’s Box.


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