We are making a long-term impact through Community Development Projects that:

Provide a Christ-centered approach to connect the life-changing love and hope of Jesus through Christian community and leadership
By partnering with like-minded nationals that are Christ-centered, we get to be a part of a mutually beneficial, long-term ministry
Sponsor children to support a child’s education, health, nutrition and spiritual formation
Go on mission trips to provide hands-on learning and support in areas of greatest need
Make communities stronger through tangible resources like food, water and shelter

We help communities globally through:


Nearly 1 million people die each year from water-related issues. One More Child continues to build and repair water wells in global communities. We also distribute hundreds of water filters while providing training on the importance of clean water and how people can have access. Let’s build safer homes!


An estimated 617 million children are unable to meet basic proficiency levels. One More Child serves more than 1,000 children through our sponsorship program, which gives access to education. Children in our sponsorship program receive opportunities for scholarships, school fees, uniforms and books.

global hunger

The estimated number of malnourished people worldwide is now more than 800 million. One More Child serves more than 18 million meals annually, including 2.5 million outside the U.S., to families and children in crisis. Nutritious food and vitamins are essential to children and families living in extreme poverty.


Poor quality housing can lead to psychological and emotional stress. Since 2015, One More Child has built more than 100 homes. In three years, over 300 homes with roof leaks, unstable flooring and kitchens without proper smoke ventilation have been repaired. We strive to build better environments and families!


Roughly 4.5 billion people do not have access at home to a toilet that safely manages human waste. In three years, One More Child has built and repaired more than 100 latrines for families, and we also helped schools in global communities build clean bathrooms for students. The sanitation of children is crucial for a family.  




Build a water well
Fund a global staff position for one year


Build or repair a home for families living in substandard housing
Fund a training conference for pastors, leaders, parents, teens and children


Provide 250 Bibles for churches and pastors in need of resources
Provide scholarships for furthering education
Administer urgent medical care, medicine and surgery for children and parents in our programs


Build or repair toilets and latrines
Fund an agriculture or farm project

$420 annually

Sponsor a child ($35/month)