The idea is simple, yet meaningful:

Kids bring loose change to provide a change of clothes for underprivileged kids. Change for change – it just makes cents!

Many children we meet come to us with nothing, and they need everything. When school starts again, they will need the basics like shoes, pants/skirt, a backpack and a lunchbox.

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About Change for Change

Here is the estimated cost for these items:

Shirt – $10
Pants/jeans – $15
Shoes – $25
Backpack – $15
Lunchbox – $10
Total amount for 1 child: $75

We want to bring these needs to life for your children’s group! Once created by you (we will provide the template to make it easy!), these larger-than-life-boy and girl cutout patterns make a great visual to encourage your children to bring change for underprivileged kids. As the pennies and quarters begin to multiply, the children will see change happening right before their eyes!

On the printable pattern we will provide, each boy and girl cut out pattern has a change of clothes to include all the items listed above. When the children bring enough change to buy a shirt for $10, the shirt can be placed on the child cut out. Then, when there is enough change to buy pants, the pants can be placed on the child cut out. When the total amount of $75 is raised, the child cut out will be fully “changed” and ready for school!

What if my children raise MORE than $75, you ask? Well, here is a little secret: we hope they do! There is no reason to stop at changing just one child. Dress as many children as you can. We are all about helping one more child!

Your children will have so much fun with this colorful visual and spirited project. Most importantly, their young hearts will be opened to how compassion changes lives!

Customize Your Plan

One of the best things about the Change for Change project is how versatile it is to fit any size group or ministry. It is our intention for you and your children to not only have fun, but to succeed in all areas of the project. Here are some ways you can tailor the Change for Change project to meet your needs. Have more ideas that are not listed below? We would love to hear about them and help you reach your goals!

Ideas to customize your project:

  • Change the life of One More Child – Last year, OMC was able to impact the lives of more than 106,000 children and families.  However, we continue to remember that it is about one more child.  Your project could focus on providing for the needs of one child!
  • Offer a change –  If you have a time where a formal offering is taken, pass a “ change” bucket around. The children will have fun trying to fill it.
  • Race for change – Split your group into boys and girls and make it a “race for change.” Encourage them by having an incentive at the end of the race!
  • Change for shoes – Another idea instead of using our larger-than-life-boy or girl pattern is to focus on shoes (or another one of the items needed)! Have your children’s group bring change for shoes, and each time they “buy” another pair of shoes, place them on the floor down a hallway where the children will be walking. What better way than to remind them…“How beautiful….are the feet of those who bring good news…!” Romans 10:15 (NIV)
  • Sponsor change – Raise enough change to sponsor a child in the developing world for an entire year ($35 a month). Click here to sponsor a child!

There are so many ways to be creative with this project! You might choose one of our specific campuses or one of the 12 developing nations we serve through One More Child to gift your money. Make this giving opportunity fit the needs of your group. We know whatever you choose will have great impact for your kids, and kids in need will be changed because of you. Is there anything better than that?

Get Started

Are you ready to make a change? We are here to help! Depending on which direction you choose for your project, here are some of the tools and materials you may need to succeed!


  • These downloadable images
  • Material for your child pattern (cardboard, foam board, etc.)
  • A projector if you choose a larger-than-life-size cut out
  • A writing utensil to trace the image
  • Cutting tools such as scissors or a jigsaw for heavy material
  • Material for the clothes and accessories, such as poster board, cardstock, foam board, etc., depending on the size you choose
  • Decorating supplies such as paint, stickers or other textures. However you choose to decorate your child, be creative! Add a face to the boy and girl, give the lunchbox a polka dot pattern or let your kids choose a team name and colors.

If your group dresses more than one child, and we hope they do, there are a few options as to how you might decide to show their accomplishments visually. After your larger-than-life-boy and/or girl is fully “changed,” consider having downsized (8 1/2 x 11 or smaller) versions to show how your children are making a difference. You can simply print out the fully dressed 8 1/2 x 11 boy or girl from our downloadable images and let the children color in the clothes.

These smaller versions will represent the same amount of change, but may suit you better if space or time is scarce! Consider placing the additional changed children on the wall next to your large cut out.

Show the Need

Here are some talking points that may help as you communicated the needs for children to your young audience!

  • “There are children who live near you who do not live with a mom, dad or grandparent like you may. They do not have someone who can buy them clothes and they need your help! Would you like to help them?”
  • “These children live in Florida and in poor countries around the world like Nicaragua, Uganda and the Dominican Republic.” (Show them where these countries are on a globe)
  • “Do you remember what it was like to have what you needed on the first day of school? Maybe your mom or dad took you shopping and you were able to get a new pencil and different colored folders that your teacher said you needed. We would like to give these special children that same new start with a change of clothes, a lunch box and more. BUT, we need your help!”

Connect with Us

Thank you for teaching the next generation to have a heart for orphans! Leading up to your campaign and after, we want to connect with you. We can help with ideas and answer all of your questions. We also want to make it easy for you to drop off or mail your gift to us for children in need!

If you have questions or would like to send us pictures of your own Change for Change project, please contact our church engagement team at or 863.687.8811. You may send your Change for Change offering to P.O. Box 8190, Lakeland, FL. Let us know that it is for Change for Change and include your church’s name!

If you would like to bring your children on a tour of our campus, click here to find the nearest location. Contact us to see which campus near you is available for a tour!

Our Staff

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®


Dr. Jerry Haag serves as president and CEO of One More Child. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance from Baylor University and earned a Ph.D. in finance and real estate in 1995 from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Under Dr. Haag’s leadership, One More Child has increased from serving 3,351 children and individuals in 2007 to impacting 249,044 in 2018.

During his tenure as president of an organization that has a rich history dating back to 1904, he has guided the expansion of ministry sites from nine locations in Florida to more than 50 locations around the globe. Under his leadership, One More Child has launched its Anti-Trafficking and Single Moms programs to meet immediate and long-term needs of children and families.

Dr. Haag has been appointed and reappointed since 2013 by both Gov. Charlie Crist and Gov. Rick Scott to serve on the Florida Faith-based and Community-based Advisory Council where he currently is chairman. He is a board member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), where he has chaired its Faith and Foster Care Research Team and served on the President’s Advisory Council.

Dr. Haag has led One More Child to host Anti-Trafficking conferences in the Dominican Republic with the support of President Danilo Medina and in Guatemala in partnership with First Lady Patricia de Morales. In early 2019, he joined President Trump in the Oval Office for the signing of vital bipartisan anti-trafficking legislation.

Dr. Haag had the pleasure of being selected to participate in a distinguished seminar on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy, sponsored by the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs at Boston University.

Dr. Haag has led and participated in humanitarian aid, emergency relief, childcare and ministry to children and families in countries around the world. He preaches regularly in churches throughout the nation, and he and his wife, Christi, also enjoy speaking together. Additionally, he has authored, presented and published academic articles relating to his business expertise and has been honored several times for his business, professional and civic achievements.

In 2018, Dr. Haag was awarded the 2018 George W. Truett Distinguished Service Award by the Baylor Line Foundation and was honored at its Hall of Fame Gala for his exceptional leadership in meeting the needs of children around the world.

Dr. Haag has served on the faculty and administration of both public and private universities, and he was named Baylor University’s Vice President for University Development in 2011, where he served before returning as president of One More Child.

He also has corporate work experience with AT&T and is a Certified Financial Planner.

From 2000-2007, Dr. Haag served as president and CEO of the South Texas Children’s Home in Beeville.

Dr. Haag and Christi live in Lakeland, FL. Christi is a well-known speaker with “Women of Purpose Speak.” Their eldest son, Ben, lives and works in Dallas, TX and their youngest son, Brady, resides and works in Austin, TX.

Do you need a brief bio for Dr. Haag for an upcoming speaking or preaching engagement he is participating in? We have you covered — find it here.
Contact Jerry

Phone: 863.687.8811

Stephen Robert

Executive Vice President

Stephen Robert serves as Executive Vice President for FBCH + One More Child.

Stephen’s leadership in areas throughout the organization has been critical to increasing our impact for children in need. Stephen’s expertise in program leadership, strategic operations, church engagement, business partnerships and more have grown our ministry exponentially. Stephen has also been an important voice for our organization, whether it is leading an expert workshop at Christian Alliance for Orphans, hosting our Dream Big for One More Child events or welcoming the governor to our campus. 

Stephen previously served as the Vice President of Church Engagement and Strategic Operations.

Prior to that, Stephen served as One More Child’s Area Administrator for Central and South Florida and he also held the title of Central Florida’s Director of Development when he was first hired to FBCH + One More Child.

Prior to joining One More Child in 2010, Stephen worked in the furniture industry for 10 years. He was the general manager for a retail furniture franchise overseeing multiple retail store locations.

Stephen graduated from Florida State University with a degree in economics and earned a master’s degree in Christian studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Stephen is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Leadership from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Stephen has been ordained into the Gospel Ministry by his home church, First Baptist Church of Plant City.

He and his wife, Laura, reside in Lakeland with their four children, Rileigh, Landen, Hannah, and Micah.

Contact Stephen

Phone: 863.687.8811

Leon Battle

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Leon Battle serves as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. He leads our efforts to connect people, businesses and churches with unique opportunities to do what they do best and are passionate about to help us serve more children and families. 

Previously, he was the Executive Director of Child Hunger and Family Support Services at FBCH + One More Child.

Leon graduated from Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in theology and a minor in business, he continued on to earn his master’s degree in human services, and is in the process of completing his doctorate and is writing his dissertation on Gospel-centered feeding programs. 

Leon served as a youth pastor throughout college and soon after accepted a pastoral job in Albany, New York. During his time in ministry, Leon saw the immense trauma that families were being confronted with and desired to get a deeper look into the dependency system. He changed career paths and started working for the Department of Children and Families (DCF). During his time with the department, he investigated abuse within families and institutions, and he later became a human trafficking specialist. Leon helped children get out of abusive homes and helped rescue children from human trafficking rings. He received multiple recognitions from Governor Rick Scott during his time with DCF.

Leon is very involved in his community. He recently graduated from Leadership Lakeland and has been named the chair for human services for the program. He serves as the vice chair of the board of Tri-County Human Services which provides in-patient, outpatient, and residential care for individuals getting help with addiction and mental health issues. Leon also serves on the advisory board of the social work department at Southeastern University.

Leon helped Aaron Burke launch Radiant Church in South Tampa. In five years, the church has reached more than 5,000 people and is consistently growing and impacting the city of Tampa.

Leon has a deep passion for intervention. He desires to see Christ’s love and restoration brought to families during their times of hurt and crisis. Leon believes the local church is the greatest asset for families in need and desires to empower the local church to step into the call of Christ, which is to help the widow, the orphan and hurting families in their time of need.

To contact Leon Battle:
P.O. Box 8190, Lakeland, FL 33802
1015 Sikes Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33815

Contact Leon

Phone: 863.687.8811

Bryan Brown

Executive Director of Church Engagement

As a Executive Director of Church Engagement, Bryan Brown’s seeks to empower, equip and mobilize churches to provide Christ-centered services to children and families in need both locally and globally. Bryan Brown has been with FBCH and One More Child since March of 2017, first serving in the communications department before transitioning to the church engagement team in 2018.

A native Mississippian, Bryan received a bachelor of business administration from Mississippi State University in 2009 and eventually obtained a master of theological studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2016. Prior to joining FBCH and One More Child, Bryan worked in multiple ministry contexts across Mississippi, Tennessee and Florida, more recently serving as an adjunct professor at Southeastern University and a discipleship pastor at The Rock Community Church in Lakeland, Florida, where he was ordained in February of 2017.

Bryan has been married to his wife, Rachel, since 2010. Bryan and Rachel have two beautiful daughters, Lilly Belle and Ruthie Grace, as well as a 10-year old black lab named Sam. Bryan and his family are actively involved in their community and local church, Access Church. Bryan values discipleship, leadership, traveling, the outdoors, a tasty cup of dark roast coffee (with a good book in hand) and, above all, relationships.

Contact Bryan

Phone: 863.687.8811

Sundy Goodnight

Director of Church Engagement

Originally from Central Oklahoma, Sundy Goodnight graduated college with a degree in communications and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to work in the entertainment business. After three years in the music industry, Sundy’s desire to make a difference in the lives of youth led her to the Graduate School of Campus Ministry in Los Angeles, California. Sundy served on staff at her local church for 10 years. She pioneered Every Nation’s Graduate School of Youth Ministry and served as a director for that institute.

In 2005, Sundy joined Mercy Ministries in St. Louis, Missouri, a nonprofit organization committed to helping young women with life-controlling problems such as eating disorders, drug addiction, self-harm and child abuse. During her time as a counselor at Mercy, she also became involved in orphan ministry. She has served short-term missions in the Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine and Colombia, as well as volunteered for various humanitarian organizations.

This passion for the broken and hurting children of the world brought her to the anti-trafficking organization, Stop Child Trafficking Now, where she served five years as the National Director. Sundy loves her big, blended family of eight siblings. Two are adopted internationally.

To contact Sundy Goodnight:
2300 Bartram Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Contact Sundy

Phone: 904.721.2711

Philip Whitten

Director of Engagement

Philip Whitten serves as the Director of Engagement for One More Child Hope Street. He graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management. While sports was a passion for him early in life, impacting people quickly became his focus.

Having been brought up in a faith-based home it was clear there were needs to be met. Early in his career he worked for a private Christian school in Tampa. From there he went on to sales and eventually wound up in Ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and ultimately One More Child Hope Street. Philip is excited to use his passion and skill in development and engaging people to impact children and families locally and Globally

Contact Philip

Phone: 863.252.9763


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