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If you explored the rest of our website before you arrived here, then you know this is One More Child’s mission. This mission shapes our organization, and the people who work here. One More Child employees are experts in their fields, from diverse backgrounds, with unique passions, perspectives, and creative gifts. What they have in common is that each one of them is committed to furthering our mission and they embody our Core Values – HUMBLE, HUNGRY, WISE, and CALLED. Our Mission defines what we do. Our Core Values define who we are and are not. If our values and our mission resonate with you, we want to get to know you better! Apply for one of our open positions below.


We admit mistakes openly, take responsibility for our actions and treat others better than ourselves, with transparency and genuineness, and without pride. This doesn’t mean we are passive or afraid to advocate for truth.


We are constantly seeking to expand our Kingdom impact, doing whatever the team needs to succeed, taking initiative, seeking the truth, and striving for quality work and outcomes. This doesn’t mean we are aggressive or seeking our own way.


We have high emotional intelligence, with self-awareness, making us difficult to offend, listening more than we speak, and when we speak, asking good questions, showing excellent judgement and an eagerness to learn. This doesn’t mean we are always right in all things.


The Gospel is the center of who we are, everywhere, motivating us to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families, in the name of Jesus. This doesn’t mean we are elite, or better than anyone else.

QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about our employment opportunities, please email or call 863.687.8811.

OMC is an equal opportunity employer.

UNITED HEALTHCARE creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of One More Child. Visit the Machine-Readable Files here.