Finding a homeschool Bible education program to teach children about the character of God while meeting the diverse needs of a family schooling together is challenging. However, Maker’s Box™  proved a powerful solution for the Bonessi family.

The Benefits for Homeschool Families

bonessi-sin-heart-craft-makers-box-2the bonessis used the one who rescues for their homeschool bible educationMaker’s Box™ is an ideal Bible education program for homeschooled families for several reasons.

1. Maker’s Box™ offers a hassle-free experience for the parent. Each box provides the materials any parent needs to start immediately without any preparation. Inside, parents will find a leader guide, scripture memory cards, and the components of several craft supplies to captivate children of varying ages and learning styles.

The Bonessis have seven children, ages 20 to one, with three being schooled at home. Mrs. Bonessi notes, “I appreciate a curriculum ready to use without any prep.”

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2. Maker’s Box™ is also a platform that not only has the potential to strengthen faith but also to create memories. Mrs. Bonessi emphasized, “The more activities we can do together, the better.”

3. Finally, Maker’s Box™ is easy to integrate into a family’s homeschool day. Most days, the Bonessis’ homeschool day begins with devotion, during which they read a Bible story, journal, and listen to classic hymns while coloring. “Maker’s Box™ replaced our story and coloring while the lessons lasted,” Mrs. Bonessi shared.

Here is an example of one of the lessons from The One Who Rescues.

Tips for Homeschool

Mrs. Bonessi found the following tips enhanced their homeschool experience with Maker’s Box:

  1. Begin the lesson in the morning: Starting the homeschool day with the lesson at the breakfast table creates a casual learning environment that promotes deeper learning. Mrs. Bonessi found that her children were more conversational and insights into their hearts were more frequent during at breakfast.
  2. Start the craft early: Do not wait for the “right time” to begin a craft. If breakfast is finished, but there is more reading to do, or the conversation is rich, begin the craft! Mrs. Bonessi found most of her young children are active learners and benefit from doing something with their hands while listening to the lesson.
  3. Break it down: Homeschooling allows flexibility, so move at your own pace. Identify natural breaks in the text as you read to stretch one lesson over multiple days. Crafts can also be divided into shorter tasks. For example, children can color on day one, assemble on day two, and play with their creations on day three.
  4. Reinforce the lessons: Doing the lesson early in the day allows for reading related books during lunch or bedtime to increase understanding and retention. (While they didn’t have a storybook about Mephibosheth, they had multiple versions of King David’s story.) Mrs. Bonessi found that extending conversations throughout the day deepened her children’s understanding.

Order Maker’s Box™ Today

If you’re looking for a way to enrich your family’s homeschool Bible education, consider using Maker’s Box™ to introduce your children to the character of their loving Father.

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