Recently, a One More Child staff member in the Azinger Family Compassion Center warehouse witnessed a miracle worked in a man’s life through one of our faithful resource partners, the United Methodist Church of Parrish.

Resource partners like Edward* play a crucial part in the success of One More Child’s mission to reach one more child. This is his story.

Two Pairs in the Right Size

“I wanted to share a story that happened to Edward* recently. Edward has his own ministries where he shares whatever he gets with the homeless, the poor, and several prisoners. He also visits nursing homes where he shares things like quilts from One More Child. But the most impactful thing Edward shares is his witness, praying for and with those he serves.

Edward spent more than 20 years singing in Florida’s Pinellas and Manatee Counties, and he knows many pastors in the area. Those pastors reach out to Edward when they have a family that needs food and essential items. Even though Edward lives in a low-income trailer park, he turns around and shares the food and resources he receives from the United Methodist Church of Parrish with his neighbors. Through his kindness, he has witnessed to so many people!

Not long ago, Edward got a call from a man he didn’t know. A pastor had given this man Edward’s phone number. He was in a crisis and had a lot of need. Edward told the man he would meet him at a bus stop and try to help him.

The man got off the bus, and he was barefoot. Edward asked him what size shoes he wore, and he just so happened to have two pairs of shoes in his car from One More Child, which were the exact size the man needed.

The generosity of One More Child in helping the community does a lot of good like this. I am sure that most of it goes unnoticed, but certainly not by the ones who receive One More Child’s blessings.”

Support Our Resource Partners

Resource partners like the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Parrish, which provide services to Edward, are non-profit organizations with approved 501c3 status that collaborate with us to distribute tangible goods in their communities. Many of these partners run food pantries or outreach programs to assist those in need.

Through the support of corporate sponsors and other suppliers, we receive weekly donations of food and non-food items, enabling us to address the needs of others. While One More Child operates two compassion centers in Florida, our donations come from across the nation, allowing us to serve communities far and wide.

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Our compassion centers are abundantly supplied with products, and they need volunteers – the hands and feet of Jesus – to distribute the resources to those in need. And that’s where faithful servants like Edward come in! First, they make an appointment to pick up resources for their ministries, and then they, in turn, distribute those resources in their community.

You can support ministries like Edward’s with your faithful giving, volunteering at a compassion center, or connecting your church or organization with One More Child’s mission. You can even host an event to raise funds, collect diapers, or pack meals. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of one more vulnerable child or struggling family.

*Names changed for privacy.


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