God gave mankind the greatest present in the form of the presence of Jesus, Emmanuel or “God with us.” God gives us that peace and joy not only at Christmas, but every moment of our days. I am reminded of this wonderful gift when I hear about the children in our care connecting with their families.

A One More Child foster family describes their first Christmas with their sibling group of foster children:

I was apprehensive about our foster children’s Christmas visitwith their biological parents, but that faded when the oldest, Andy*, squealed, “Daddy!” His dad was walking across the park with an overflowing Christmas bag, followed by his mom.

The boys’ biological mom was so excited to explain each gift to me and tell me why it was perfect for each one of her sons. What I thought would be a difficult and anxious time, God turned into a moment of shared Christmas joy.

Although the boys may not remember the trinkets that filled their Christmas bags, they will remember their parents being present to celebrate this special time.

This tender moment of two families loving these boys is a picture of God’s grace that He gifts to each of us this Christmas. God gives us wonderful presents through our blessings each day, but the best gift He gives is that of His presence.

Thank you for giving so that children can experience God’s love at Christmas and throughout the year. Your generosity this Christmas is a gift.



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