Welcome to the Land of Volcanoes!

El Salvador is home to more than 100 volcanos.

This makes for breathtaking landscapes and fertile soil, boasting of a vast array of tropical fruit. El Salvador is also a surfer’s paradise with a long coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, amongst all this natural beauty, four out of ten El Salvadorians struggle in poverty. Fourteen percent of children experience growth stunting due to malnutrition and almost 25% of school-aged children do not attend school.

In partnership with a local church and Christian school network, we are working diligently to help meet physical, educational and spiritual needs of vulnerable children and struggling families. We do this through Community Development efforts with the local church, short-term mission trips, and through our Child Sponsorship program. Sponsorship provides children a Christian education, regular nutrition, necessary medical care and consistent opportunities to hear the Gospel. Lives are being changed in El Salvador because of people like you!”

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Ministry & evangelism: Visit homes to share scripture and pray for struggling families, offer adult Bible studies, and more!
  • Volunteer at a school: Distribute food, present lessons to children in school, share the gospel through Bible stories and games
  • Experience the beautiful volcanoes, beaches and tropical landscapes of El Salvador

Child sponsorship is making a true difference in the lives of children in El Salvador!


Sponsor a Child

Meet the needs of children in developing nations.

Go on a Mission Trip

Be the hands and feet of Jesus in practical ways.

Fund Community Development

Help empower impoverished communities.

Your generosity can make a difference in the lives of others.