The news was not good. It was an aggressive form of cancer, and at best, he had two years to live. Will needed a miracle, and he needed to pray.

Today, sitting on the porch at his log cabin home, nestled in a quiet area of Tallahassee, Will is living his miracle. He is also living a promise made to God that he would support and give to others. Enjoying every moment, of every day, Will, who retired after three decades working at a large electric company, is happy to share that his cup overflows with blessings.

Will grew up in Tallahassee, not too far from his current home. He describes his mom as a nurturer who taught her children to be kind and giving. When he got baptized at age 12, Will sensed a level of peace and confidence he had never known.  This is how Will has ordered his life: giving confidently and walking in God’s peace.

“My overflow of finances is to be used to bless others, and One More Child has given me a focus to use that overflow,” he said.

When will received a cancer diagnosis a year-and-a-half ago, he was not given much hope. Each visit to the doctor would come with more discouraging news. It was then Will felt the Holy Spirit saying, “Get your confidence from faith, not from your doctors.”

Following a series of treatments, the cancer miraculously subsided, and Will was eventually declared cancer-free.

“I wanted to do something special, to honor what God has done for me.”

He has done just that. Will is currently sponsoring five children through One More Child and is committed to making the sponsorship a part of his will and his legacy. He believes it is just a small part of honoring God and walking confidently in faith.


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