Bryan* and Melissa* were already struggling to put food on the table. When COVID-19 hit Bryan quickly found himself out of a job. The young parents had no family in the area, had no real support and were at a lost as to what to do. To make matters worse, Bryan had lost his only means of transportation, and without a car, found his job prospects limited. One day, Bryan was walking not too far from his home, when he saw a sign at a local church advertising a food drive thru.

Bryan had never participated in a food drive thru and was not sure what to expect. He talks about being thankful for how easy it was to get the food and how he never once felt demeaned. Bryan says he was able to maintain his dignity and it brought a sense of hope he had not felt in a long time.

Bryan, and his family, have become regular attendees at Faith Wesleyan Temple, the church we partnered with for the food drive thru. Our partners continue to help this family with food and other necessities.

At a recent church service, Bryan made a confession of faith and has accepted Christ as his Savior. Bryan says he has seen the love of God demonstrated through all the help his family has received at the hands of Faith Wesleyan and One More Child.


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