Her smiles. Her positive attitude. When you see Erika*, it is hard to imagine that her life has been anything but a bed of roses. Although her chapters are still being written, Erika is proof that determination, and the right support, can indeed, make all the difference.

Her mom was a drug addict, and spent her days looking for the next hit. This left Erika uncared for, and eventually, on grandma’s watch.  Unfortunately, grandma’s place was also not a good place for the teenager. By the time she was in the 10th grade, Erika was pregnant and a high school drop-out.

Finding herself with nowhere to go, and with no help from her biological family, Erika quickly married her baby’s father, and went to live with her in-laws. The marriage did not last, and once again, Erika found herself without a place to call home. Still, Erika never lost hope.

“Somehow my willpower was stronger than what I had been through,” she said.

Three years ago, Erika found herself in desperate need of baby formula, and someone recommended she could get help from One More Child. Erika has participated in several Family Support workshops, learning effective parenting and money management skills, along with opportunities to deepen her relationship with Christ. For the mom of six, the program has been a lifesaver.

“I like being in this place. I don’t feel ashamed to say I have a need. I have overcome so much and this program has been there to help me along the way,” she said.

Recently, Erika achieved a huge milestone, becoming one of the first graduates of our Jobs for Life program, a series of faith-based career advancement courses we facilitate. With her sights now set on nursing school, Erika confidently says she feels God watching over her!


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