Children and families in our community need help now more than ever. Explore these 12 REASONS TO GIVE and share the hope and love of Christ with families this Christmas.

1. Stop Sex Trafficking

Each year in the United States, an estimated 10,500 underage youth are coerced into and victimized by the sex trade. One More Child provides 24/7 crisis intervention and ongoing services to sex trafficking survivors through mobile teams, advocacy, mentorship, and mental health therapy. Every financial gift makes it possible for us to meet the needs of more survivors and reach people with education and advocacy. 

2. Support Foster Families

Every day, children in your community are removed from their homes due to abandonment, abuse, or neglect. We place children who have gone through traumatic situations with loving, Christian foster parents who make immediate and eternal impacts on their lives. Help support licensing Christian foster parents, fund rent-free foster family homes, provide respite care, and other tangible items. Help us be a blessing to foster children and families!

3. Fill Hearts and Bellies

In the United States, more than 10 million children face food insecurity and don’t know where their next meal will come from. We believe no child should go hungry, and we are constantly finding new ways to fill hearts and bellies by meeting urgent food needs. In 2022, we provided more than 14 million meals. Incredible partners and everyday heroes just like you help fund food needs and keep one more child from going to bed hungry.

4. Strengthen Single Moms

There are children in our communities who live with daily challenges and change. They have mothers who deeply love them and want the best for them, but aren’t always able to provide for every need. We assist single moms and their children as they work diligently on a path toward achieving self-sufficiency and discovering God’s plan for their lives. Your giving can fund housing, meals, parenting support, and skills training while providing stability, encouragement, and hope to these moms.

5. Combat Global Hunger

There are millions of hungry children and families around the globe. Christ-centered partnerships with individuals and churches help One More Child combat the hunger crisis through global feeding programs. Together we feed the hungry, and more importantly, share the Good News of Jesus by connecting children and families with a local ministry partner right in their community! One dollar provides four meals for a child in another country. Imagine what your gift can do! 

6. Support a Struggling Family

We engage with families to offer resources and relationships that help families in times of need and point them toward Christ. Our Family Support program provides prevention services designed to make families stronger before the child welfare system intervenes and families are torn apart. Evidence-based interventions, parenting workshops, and comprehensive support services for parents and caregivers help create a safe, structured, and sustainable environment for families and their children. 

7. All for One Giving Circle

Did you know that a monthly gift of any amount can help feed a child, house a single mom, support a struggling family, restore a trafficking survivor, and so much more? Consider joining One More Child’s All For One Giving Circle with your monthly, recurring giving and be a part of changing lives like never before. There is no limit on the number of vulnerable children that can be reached when we work together to reach one more!
Join the All for One Circle today!

8. Leave a Legacy

What if you could leave a lasting gift that could impact children for eternity? By including One More Child in your estate plans, you could make a life-changing contribution in the name of your business, family, or other entity. Contribute to the fund periodically or in honor of special occasions. Whatever it looks like, the impact of a legacy gift is exponential and can change the lives of children for generations to come.
Find out more about Planned Giving.

9. Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child, you provide life-changing food, clothes, school supplies, medical care, and educational opportunities for children in developing countries across five continents. One hundred percent of your gift supports the needs of the child. You can interact with your child through letters and even go on a mission trip to your sponsored child’s country! We have many children who urgently need a sponsor.
See children currently in need of sponsors.

10. Diapers Make a Difference

Vulnerable children and families need help now more than ever! Whether it’s a foster family, a single mom, or a family in need, you can make a difference in the life of a child by providing for one of the most essential needs – diapers! Make a financial gift, order and ship diapers directly from one of our registries, or host a Diaper Drive to provide critical support and meet the needs of the children and families we serve!  

11. Gift the Gospel

Maker’s Box™ connects young minds – especially those who have experienced trauma – to biblical truth. Hurting children can understand God through the lens of Scripture instead of the lens of their experiences or feelings. The Gospel is woven through every box, pointing children to their Maker while also allowing them to be “young makers” through crafts and fun. Give the gift of a Maker’s Box™ and share the Gospel with a child in need of hope! 

12. Reach One More

One More Child is ready to meet the urgent nutritional, educational, financial, housing, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children and struggling families. Building on our existing success, we seek to establish partnerships with nonprofits, churches, and business partners which allow us to provide compassionate, expert services to even more children and families, nationally and globally. Make a gift today and join us in our mission to reach one more!

THANK YOU for investing in the lives of children!

Your gifts will make an eternal impact on vulnerable children and struggling families.
If you have questions about giving options, contact us through email or calling 863.577.4418.