See it.

Know the signs of trafficking activity.

Victims of Sex Trafficking May Appear:

  • Fearful, especially near law enforcement
  • Unaware of their location or surroundings (city, state, etc.)
  • Depressed, nervous and/or paranoid
  • Overly sexual, talking a lot about sexual activity or an older boyfriend

Victims of Sex Trafficking May Also:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Lie about their age
  • Be branded/tattooed
  • Lack personal belongings
  • Have no sense of time
  • Give “scripted” answers or inconsistent details regarding their whereabouts or activities
  • Exhibit signs of abuse (bruises, scratches, welts)
  • Lack identifying documents (driver’s license, I.D., etc.)
  • Have no control of his/her own money
  • Have evidence of controlling or dominating relationships

Say it.

If you see something suspicious, report it!

If you suspect someone is being trafficked in the United States, or you are being exploited, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at

Stop it.

Watch our
Anti-Trafficking: 101 video course

Would you recognize human trafficking if you saw it?

Human Trafficking is an insidious crime. Although it is frequently depicted in the news, movies, and social media, it is often misunderstood. It happens in our neighborhoods and in our communities every day, often unnoticed. The best way you can help is by becoming aware. You can stop sex trafficking.

What can you do?

We have created a training series just for you! In this series, we hope to help you understand what human trafficking is and whom it affects. You will learn how to “See it” in our very own communities; you will learn how to “Say it” by discovering the proper channels of reporting; we will also discuss how to “Stop it” to put an end to the suffering of God’s children; and finally, we will cover how each of us should respond so that we can reach one more.

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Anti-Trafficking: 101

Our Anti-Trafficking: 101 video course is designed to help participants understand what human trafficking is, whom it affects, and how to respond. Anti-Trafficking: 101 for groups combines expert information that will equip your group to assist in the identification of sex trafficking in your community with hands-on activities that provide meaningful ways for you to aid survivors in their healing journey.


  • What human trafficking is
  • Who trafficking affects
  • How to SEE IT, SAY IT, and STOP IT when it comes to trafficking in your community
  • How to respond so we can reach one more

Join the Fight!

Come alongside One More Child to bring healing to trafficking survivors. Our state-certified mobile outreach team provides a safe, supportive environment for survivors of sex trafficking to heal from trauma and discover their God-given worth and purpose. Every Child in Every City deserves to be protected from sex trafficking. Join us to end it!

You can HELP victims of sex trafficking by partnering with One More Child today!

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