We seek to meet the needs of single-mom families in crisis by creating a network of care, guidance and support in local communities. This 11-week program provides skills classes, mentorship and resources, all designed to help brave single mothers and their children thrive.

Why We Do It

Many of us have likely crossed paths with a single mom, who despite her best efforts is struggling to provide a stable existence for her children. Too often, their stories end with families ripped apart by unavoidable circumstances. One More Child Single Moms Community Program is our opportunity to help mothers in crisis rewrite their stories of struggle into testimonies of triumph.

What We Do

When single mothers feel safe, supported and encouraged, they are much better equipped to care for their children. The Single Moms Community Program assists mothers on their journey to self-sufficiency by helping them:

  • Learn essential life skills & achieve personal goals
  • Develop budgets & money-saving habits
  • Strengthen relationships with their children through parenting support & advice
  • Deepen their relationship with God through spiritual mentorship

How We Do It

The Single Moms Community Program is led by the Church Body through a team of volunteers who have a heart for helping, encouraging and uplifting God’s people. This team, or “Mom Tribe” as we like to call it, facilitates the 10-week program with support from One More Child. Each team consists of volunteers who fulfill the following roles:

  • Program Coordinator: Leads the program, recruits the volunteer team and serves as lead program liaison for One More Child
  • Skills Facilitator: Leads group lessons & discussions throughout the 10-week program
  • Mentor: Works one-on-one with program participants to provide support & encouragement throughout the 10-week course and beyond
  • Special Events Coordinator: Plans, coordinates and implements special events during the 10-week program

Ready to Help Moms Be Brave?

Church and community partners play a vital role in One More Child’s mission to serve children and families in need. The Single Moms Community Program is led by the Church Body through a team of willing, dedicated, servant-led volunteers. Any church can facilitate the 11 week-program, and getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

STEP 1: Assemble a “Mom Tribe”

Organize a team of volunteers who are passionate about serving and supporting single mothers in your community. Your team should consist of a program coordinator, skills facilitator, special events coordinator, and mentors for each single mom participant.

STEP 2: Invite Moms to Join

Host an interest meeting to spread the word about the program with your local community. Each single mom participant must complete a program application before starting the 10-week course.

STEP 3: Get Started

Once you have assembled your team and prayerfully paired each single mom participant with a mentor, you are ready to begin!