Not everyone is called to foster, but every Christian is called to help vulnerable children. You can do that by starting a Foster Crew or joining an existing Foster Crew.

What is a Foster Crew?

Foster families are on the adventure of a lifetime, meeting the needs of children and teens going through tough times, working toward the goal of reunification with families. A Foster Crew is a ministry of the local church partnering with One More Child to mobilize church members to walk alongside families on their adventures. Churches form crews of volunteers to provide services such as meals, household services, babysitting, prayer, encouragement and more. One More Child staff connects volunteers and families, as well as offers training, resources and program infrastructure. A Foster Crew is headed up by a Team Leader and consists of multiple teams led by Family Advocates and other roles

Roles of Foster Crew team members:


Assign roles, communicate with church staff and One More Child, lead charge.


Point people for families being served by a Foster Crew, sharing their needs.


Babysit to allow couples to take a breather without any financial burden.


Laundry, dishes, yard work, vacuuming, etc. so parents can focus more on the kids.


Cook homemade meals, pick up takeout or provide gift cards to feed hungry bellies.


Check in on people, offer spiritual support and share their requests.


Encourage foster families with notes, small gifts and by taking the time to listen.

Why start a Foster Crew?

Why start a Foster Crew?

The need is astounding
In the U.S. there are more than 440,000 children in foster care. At One More Child, we’ve been serving children in foster care for decades, and we believe the best place for every child is a loving, Christian home.

It’s a simple way to have a profound impact
If you love to cook you can provide foster families with food, if you own a car mechanic shop you can offer free oil changes, if you’re a laundry folding aficionado, have at it! We’ll help connect the dots and provide you with resources to get started.

Foster parents need help, but don’t always ask
Foster parents provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for children and teens who have been separated from the people they love the most. Foster parents are responsible for everything from attending court dates to going to counseling visits to visitations with parents and relatives to making difficult decisions about what’s in the best interest of children in their care and their family.

Why partner with One More Child?

We know the importance of having the right resources and training, so for each Foster Crew we provide::

  • A DIY starter box that includes books, interest cards, ministry helpers, Foster Crew shirts and more
  • A personalized Foster Crew Facebook group and guide to make communication simple
  • Orbie for Orphans creative conversation kits to spur on Gospel conversations

Ready to Provide Wraparound Care for Foster Families and Foster Children?

  1. Fill Out the Sign Up form

  2. Select a Foster Crew Team Leader

  3. Receive training and launch your Foster Crew