One More Child Calls for More Aggressive Fight Against Human Trafficking

Leaders hold press conference at Florida Capitol to bring attention to the severity of human trafficking and the need to stand with survivors

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., (January 18, 2024) – Joined by legislators, law enforcement leaders, and advocates, One More Child hosted a press conference at the Florida State Capitol this week to highlight the fight against child sex trafficking.

The event was part of a statewide campaign, “Traffick Stop,” which coincides with Human Trafficking Prevention Month in January. One More Child is bringing awareness to how widespread child sex trafficking has become while calling upon policymakers to support legislation designed to better protect minors and help survivors.

“I want every trafficking survivor out there to know that we see you, we are standing with you, and we will not stop fighting for you,” said One More Child President and CEO Dr. Jerry Haag.

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Florida ranks third in the nation for the most reports of human trafficking.

Currently operating in five judicial circuits in Florida with teams also in Tennessee and North Carolina, One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams provide direct care services and resources to trafficking victims. Using a trauma-informed approach, the Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams assess victims’ needs, connect them to necessary community resources and mentor them as they navigate the path to emotional, physical, and mental recovery.

Trafficking survivor Laura Henderson shared how she was lured into a life of exploitation by her boyfriend. “I have now been a survivor for six years and recently celebrated five years of sobriety. We do recover,” said Henderson. “As I look back, positive and informed role models could have stepped in and made a difference in my life. That is what I am hoping happens through more awareness about the realities of trafficking.”

In 2023, One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams served 763 victims of sex trafficking across the nation and impacted 12,969 people through advocacy, education and training.

One More Child is calling upon legislators to pass several anti-trafficking bills, including SB 1196, “Protect Our Children Act,” which increases penalties for adults who prey upon children. With the significant reduction in federal funding allocated through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), One More Child is asking the legislature to appropriate the funding needed to provide the full range of services for trafficking victims.

Speakers included One More Child President and CEO Dr. Jerry Haag, Senator Colleen Burton, Representative Jennifer Canady, Nassau County Sheriff and President of the Florida Sheriff’s Association Bill Leeper, One More Child Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking Jodi Domangue and One More Child Survivor/Leader Laura Henderson.

The press conference concluded with a $25,000 check presentation by anti-trafficking advocates Sara Mahoney and Paul and Toni Azinger, who recently hosted a fundraiser to support efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

About One More Child:

One More Child operates in more than 60 locations and 17 countries around the world, meeting the needs of foster children, hungry children, single moms, struggling families, and sex-trafficked children and teens. In 2022, One More Child provided direct services to 236,492 children and individuals while impacting an additional 237,501 individuals through advocacy, trainings, awareness, and volunteering. One More Child provided more than 14 million meals nationally and globally. For more information on One More Child or how to join in the fight to end sex trafficking in Florida, visit


Anti-trafficking advocates Sara Mahoney and Paul and Toni Azinger present One More Child with a $25,000 check from a fundraiser to fight against human trafficking. (L-R) Sheriff Bill Leeper, Paul Azinger, Laura Henderson, Toni Azinger, Sara Mahoney, Olivia Littleton, Christi Haag and Dr. Jerry Haag.


Trafficking survivor Laura Henderson shares how she found healing and purpose after years of battling exploitation and addiction. Now with One More Child, Henderson works directly with other survivors and provides education on the realities of trafficking.


Traffick Stop 2024

One More Child President and CEO Dr. Jerry Haag speaks during a press conference at the Florida State Capitol on the need for bold steps in fighting child sex trafficking. Haag was joined by (L-R) Director of Anti-Trafficking Jodi Domangue, One More Child Survivor/Leader Laura Henderson, Senator Colleen Burton, Representative Jennifer Canady and Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper – President of the Florida Sheriff’s Association.

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