On World Hunger Day, One More Child invites you to join us in bringing hope to hungry children and families both locally and globally.

What You Need to Know About World Hunger

The root of child hunger is food insecurity, which means a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to meet their basic needs. Food insecurity can be chronic, temporary, or seasonal. Given its complex causes, it is likely you know a child whose family is struggling with it.

In 2023, One More Child provided more than 19 million meals through its feeding programs worldwide. Dr. Leon Battle, vice president of strategic partnerships, emphasized One More Child’s commitment to fighting world hunger, saying, “We are dedicated to alleviating the struggles that children face due to food insecurity.”

Hunger Abroad: Ana's Story

fight world hunger to help ana's familyAccording to The Hunger Project, more than 1 billion adolescent girls and women worldwide suffer from malnutrition due to war, famine, and climate change. This leads to a cycle where malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished babies, causing irreversible impacts on brain development and futures.

Malnutrition affects every country, with significant developmental, economic, social, and medical consequences for individuals, families, and communities.

Ana is a young mother in Colombia who faced a difficult situation when her husband was sent to jail far away. Determined to be closer to him, Ana and her daughter moved to a new community, even though they did not know anyone there.

Ana met our partners in this new place, who run a prison ministry and regularly ministered to her husband. They learned about Ana’s situation through their work with him and invited her to church.

Ana began receiving emergency food baskets at church, which were a lifeline for her. Pregnant with her second child and unable to work, these food packages provided crucial physical support. Moreover, they became a means for God to work in both her and her husband’s lives.

Day by day, our partners witness transformation in Ana and her family as they grow in faith and draw closer to God. One More Child is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this family’s journey and praise God for their lives.

Hunger at Home: Anita's Story

backpack meals fight hunger in the united statesIn the United States, 87.5% of households with children experience food insecurity, according to the USDA Key Statistics from 2021. One way One More Child tackles this challenge is through our Backpack Meals Program.

The impact of this program was felt by a family in Florida. First Baptist Church of Lake Garfield, a partner of One More Child, responded to a call for help from a teacher at a local school. The teacher informed the church about a child from a single-parent household who needed more than a backpack meal.

When the church contacted the family, the child’s mother, Anita*, disclosed her heartbreaking situation: Anita’s partner had abandoned them, taking their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. As a stay-at-home mom with no income, the absence of the EBT card left Anita unable to provide food for her family. At that moment, the meals provided by the school were all she had.

In collaboration with One More Child, the church stepped up to address Anita and her child’s needs.

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How You Can Partner with One More Child

By meeting the needs of the hungry, One More Child not only offers hope and saves lives but also introduces vulnerable children and struggling families to a God who promises to sustain them eternally.

Though hunger is not the only issue many vulnerable children and struggling families face, it is a challenge we can tackle together. Here are some ways you can join us!

  • Sponsor a Child: Your support provides ongoing assistance to children in other countries through nutritional and educational needs.
  • Pack Backpack Meals: Adopt a school or sponsor a school to ensure consistent support for hungry students during non-school hours.
  • Host a Meal Packing Party: Gather friends, family, or colleagues to pack nutritious meals for those in need. All ages and groups are welcome!
  • Make a Generous Gift: Support hungry children and families by donating to One More Child. Your gift affirms their worth and provides vital assistance locally and globally.

*Name(s) changed for privacy.


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