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One More Child is privileged to be a part of the Vitale* family’s transformative foster care journey, witnessing the profound difference they make. The family always exceeds expectations, loving the children entrusted to their care and extending that same intentional care to their foster children’s biological parents.

But this time, their influence made an even more significant impact on the life of their foster children’s biological mother. Recently, the Vitales had a chance to bless the mother in a way that surpassed everyone’s expectations. The act touched all our lives with an extraordinary act of kindness. In a display of compassion and generosity, the family, the community, the church, and their support system worked together to buy their foster children’s biological mother a car.

Just a few weeks ago, they opened their hearts and home to two foster children to reunite the four siblings of their biological mom. However, as the biological mother progressed in her efforts to be reunited with her children, she faced an unexpected challenge. Her car broke down, hindering her from participating in unsupervised visits with her daughters. Financial barriers kept her from being able to fix the vehicle or purchase a new one. She was devastated.

That is when the Vitales, driven by empathy, decided to purchase the car. They felt it was the best way to ensure the family could continue progressing toward reunification.

foster care children

The tears of joy this mother had were amazing to see. She now has a vehicle to transport all four of her children, and she can keep working toward reunification with her children.

The Vitale family believes that at the heart of fostering lies a “beautiful picture of the Gospel,” as they describe it. Caring for these children and their mother provides a unique opportunity to step into an otherwise grim narrative and shine the light of hope. We, a community of faith and support, can stand in the gap just as Jesus did.

One More Child witnesses the challenges families face firsthand, and this experience has been a powerful reminder of the extraordinary lengths people can go to support one another. To support one more.

To our remarkable foster family, the Vitales*, your selfless act has exceeded all expectations and exemplifies the true spirit of compassion. Thank you for inspiring us all with your kindness and for making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who call your house home.

*Names changed for privacy.

Where Are You In This Story?

You don’t have to be a foster family to make a profound difference in the life of vulnerable children and struggling families. Foster Crew is a ministry of a local church just like yours that partners with One More Child. Together, we mobilize church members to walk alongside foster families. One More Child will train and equip volunteers to provide foster families with the support and encouragement they need to do what God has called them to do.

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