Safer Housing for Foster Children

Foster Kids Rock, led by See Us Now (SUN), a student-driven initiative, is on a mission to raise awareness about the child welfare system nationwide, particularly focusing on reimagining the foster care system.

For the past two years, their advocacy efforts have centered around promoting safer housing for foster children. Now, they are expanding their reach by mobilizing their community. Through their #FosterKidsRock challenge, they aim to leverage social media platforms and collaborate with artists, community leaders, and businesses to drive positive change.

Fueled by youth aged 12-17, SUN is committed to transforming the child welfare landscape by advocating for secure housing options for youth in the foster care system. Their recent

engagements with Senators and Congressmen in Washington, D.C. underscore how they have taken an active advocacy role on the national stage in support of critical bipartisan legislation.

Citing reports from the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Harold, the group explains that the lack of adequate housing for foster youth leads to needless deaths and exploitation of minors. Additionally, an anecdote from a foster youth sheds light on how a child, accustomed to moving every few days with their belongings packed in trash bags, can “feel like trash” because of their plight.

Safer Housing for Foster Children

You can help spread awareness and endorse important bills, such as the “Ensuring Medicaid Continuity for Children in Foster Care Act of 2021” (S2689/HR5414), which provides assistance to foster children in need.

You can partner with One More Child’s Foster Care program today. Start the journey towards becoming a foster parent or learn more about Foster Crews, wraparound support groups for foster families which One More Child helps to mobilize across the nation.

You can also give a financial gift to ensure tangible resources are placed in the hands of foster families who care for these vulnerable children daily. At One More Child, we believe every child should have a safe haven to call home.

With your best financial gift today, you can help us share hope and the love of Christ with these children and families.


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