Becoming a Foster Parent

He was previously placed in their home, but this time it was different.

John* stayed with the Smith family for a brief time while his mom worked to get her life back on track. When the time came for John to pack his bags and reunite with his mom, he held onto hope that this would be the last time packing. But when his home life turned for the worst just a few years later, he found himself packing. But this time, with a little more baggage than just his physical suitcase.

When It Is Challenging

John began to show behavioral changes and challenges as he wrestled with being placed in foster care for a second time. He longed for a permanent home, one in which he could find stability. No matter what challenges came, his foster parents remained steadfast in their calling.

foster child The parable in Matthew 18 uses the story of a shepherd watching over his sheep. There were 100 sheep, all keeping together while the shepherd cared for them. When he noticed one wandering away from the flock, the shepherd left the 99 sheep to go after the one. Why does it matter that he left to chase after one? God’s mercy reminds us that we need Him, our Shepherd, when we go astray.

God seeks us, He cares for us, and He always welcomes us back home. “In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish,” Matthew 18:14.

He could have let the sheep wander but instead, his act to boldly chase the one that went astray reminds us of Jesus’ incredible mercy.

Just like the one sheep that was rescued, John’s story doesn’t end with packed bags and hard behaviors. The Smith’s persistence to give John the resources to thrive led John to accept Jesus Christ as Savior! He is ONE more in Christ’s family.

This foster family’s persistence encourages One More Child to continue working to serve vulnerable children so that one more can know the love of Christ.

When a Child Needs Care

More than 16,000 children are removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system each year. The need for loving homes committed to sharing Christ is larger than ever, and we are asking you to help fill the gap. Becoming a foster parent holds many challenges that life brings, you just need to be willing to care for the ONE who needs it most.

*Name changed for confidentiality.

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